About Us

About Us

SC ETC International SRL is a company with private capital, with the activity divided into two categories:

1) Import of materials and supply for advertising industry:
- mills and accessories for CNC engraving
- CNC and laser equipments
- engraving materials
- signage elements
- printing support

2) Services as:
- CNC cutting and engraving on the working table 3x2m
Materials which can be cut are: acryl, PVC, plastics, wood, MDF, plywood, composit aluminum, brass, stainless stees and other kind of metals, ACM, etc.

- CO2 laser cutting and engraving
Materials which can be personalized: acryl, ABS plastic for laser, wood, MDF, aluminum, stainless steel and other types of metals using mass contrast, natural or synthetic leather, glass, mirror, natural fiber textiles (as cotton - for example jeans).
We can cut out acryl, ABS plastic, plywood, leather
Also we can cut stainless steel with thickness up to 1.2mm.

- metal laser engraving - working table 17x17cm and the possibility to engrave cilindrical objects.

- object UV printing - working table 30x42cm, maximum height of the object 15cm. We can also print on cilindrical objects, on curves.

- large format printing, width up to 3.2m on support as: frontlite, mash, canvas, backlit film etc.

Due to technical assistance you have our informational support for the equipments you buy from us also for the works made on the materials we import and sale.

We are recommended by the seriousness we treat every client.