Print Large Format

Print Large Format

Due to our performant machines, we can satisfy our client needs regarding printed materials, for indoor and also for outdoor usage, on diverse types of materials up to 3.2m width.

Mesh: is an perforated material for outdoor, used for very large ads, unlike others, having the advantage of structure ( dense or rare holes), which give resistance bigger than other materials (for example, is prefered instead of banner in places where the wind is very powerfull).
For big dimensions, the strips will be thermal welding. Usual finishing are hen and perimeter eyelets.

The banner: is realized by printing poliplan material and can have 1 or 2 faces. Printed design have a good resolution, thus can be exposed in areas where can be seen close.
For simple face banners, usual finishing are hen and perimeter eyelets, and optional wing slots. For double faces, standard finishing are side pockets and perimeter eyelets.

Polypropylene: thin material, water resistant, prefered instead of paper due the humidity resistant characteristics.
For one side printing, can be laminated matt or glossy. Is used for exposure systems: roll-ups, x-banners, etc.

Print for stands: realized on diverse materials, most used polypropylene and PVC. Can be laminated matt or glossy and usually is printed for indoor usage.

Vynil stickers: can be printed up to 1.6m width, depending destination - indoor or outdoor. You can make small stickers (2-3cm) up to large dimensions. Can be laminated matt or glossy up to 1.6m width.